Customer service professionals dedicated to Uber-Fast and accurate results.

Solo Inspections

  • Roof/Exterior/Interior inspections
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Standardized findings report with labeled photos
  • Quick estimate guide
  • 24-hour cycle
    • No adjuster on site

Ladder Assist

  • Complete roof inspection by adjuster
  • Standardized findings report with labeled photos
  • Damage determination

Interior Inspection

  • Identify damage stemming from pipe bursts, water backups, ice damming, etc.
  • Detailed report findings with labeled photos
    • No adjuster on site

Shortstop Inspection

  • Single item ground inspection (exterior only)
  • Photo report, including necessary measurements
  • 10 minute average visit
  • Identification of product, model number, VIN, Serial, or UPC of item (if applicable)
  • Offered for all lines: Auto, Casualty, Liability, Business, Commercial, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Specialty, Environmental, Aircraft, Banking, Real Estate, Underwriting, Agriculture
    • 24 hour turn-around time

Commercial Underwriting Inspection

  • Identification of roofing and building materials
  • Labeled photos
  • Identification of existing damages and construction issues
  • General condition and specialty component finding reports

Emergency Tarping

  • Fast response to damage
  • Before and after photos report
  • Prevent further interior loss
    • Stand alone or add-on service

High Value Residential Inspection

  • Identification of conditions and areas of concern
  • Determination of roofing system
  • Identification of specialty materials
  • Maintenance issues
  • Labeled photos and summary
  • SkyMeasure included

ITEL Services

  • Collect Material sample
  • Tarping included
  • ITEL app available
    • Stand alone or add-on service

Post Construction Inspection (QI)

  • Verification of work completion
  • Identification of installed materials
  • Inspection of proper installation