Adjuster FAQs

Q: Why should I choose Seek Now?
A: Seek Now (formerly Ladder Now) is an on-demand field inspection, data, and technology company delivering products and services to insurance, real estate, finance and more. We are NOT an Independent Adjusting firm. We are looking for up to 200 current or former staff or independent adjusters — not to do adjusting work –– but to conduct field claims inspections. 

The backstory is that Covid-19 pandemic is forcing insurers to rapidly adopt virtual adjusting practices and use inspection services like ours. As such, your role as an IA in the insurance ecosystem is changing whether you realize it or not. Once insurers adopt virtual adjusting, most will not revert back to traditional claims handling with field staff adjusters supplemented by independent adjusters.

Q: Once I submit my application, where do I go from there?
A: Our Talent Team will review and process your application. We will contact you via email and phone about next steps.

Q: Does Seek Now provide Inspector learning and development?
A: Yes! We offer a variety of courses in Claims, Technology, Property and Commercial etc.  Your experience will determine the level of learning and development you need. 

Q: Do I need an adjuster license?
A: No! It is helpful to understand the claims process, but it is not necessary. We work with insurance companies and adjusters, but do not adjust. We simply collect the information they need to adjust.

Q: Do I need estimating software?
A: No! The adjuster on record will be the only entity using estimating software like Xactimate, Symbility or others.  We simply collect the information they need during our inspection using our proprietary technology, Maestro, and transfer the information to them. There’s no need for you to write estimates, do paperwork, correct estimates or interact with the insured customer. You simply log into Maestro, view the appointments and routes we have set for you that day, and inspect.

Q: How long does it take to become an active Inspector?
A: About 1-2 weeks or sooner for those with insurance adjusting or inspection experience.

Q: Does Seek Now reimburse any of my travel expenses?
A: Yes! Unlike Independent Adjusting firms, we schedule and cover hotel expenses on deployments and pay mileage on long distance urgent need claims.

Q: How much money does a Seek Now inspector make?
A: The amount of money an Inspector makes is largely dependent on you. It can be six figures based on how often you want to work, your experience level, and the demand for Inspectors at any given time. We have enough inspection work to keep you busy year-round if that is what you are looking for.