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“Our new name is a reflection of our ability to reimagine how information is transmitted,” said Russ Carroll, CEO of Seek Now.

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We’re not what you think we are.

Let’s talk about how we are are changing the industry by equipping claim owners with our technology.

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We’re here to be your front line while you remain safe.

Seek Now (Ladder Now) team members are officially classified as “Essential Infrastructure Workforce” status of work according to guidance from both the Department of Homeland Security and individual states.


Solo Inspections on all non complicated claims in 24 hours or less.

Experienced Ladder Now approved Field Inspectors perform SLA specific inspections for residential or commercial claims using Maestro®, our proprietary on-demand workforce management platform. The delivery of real time and standardized reports to a virtual adjuster allows the same day settlement of claims for a 50- 75% reduction in cycle time compared to traditional methods.

Solo Inspections

  • Roof/Exterior/Interior inspections
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Standardized findings report with labeled photos
  • Quick estimate guide
  • 24-hour cycle
    • No adjuster on site

Ladder Assist

  • Complete roof inspection by adjuster
  • Standardized findings report with labeled photos
  • Damage determination

Interior Inspection

  • Identify damage stemming from pipe bursts, water backups, ice damming, etc.
  • Detailed report findings with labeled photos
    • No adjuster on site

Shortstop Inspection

  • Single item ground inspection (exterior only)
  • Photo report, including necessary measurements
  • 10 minute average visit
  • Identification of product, model number, VIN, Serial, or UPC of item (if applicable)
  • Offered for all lines: Auto, Casualty, Liability, Business, Commercial, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Specialty, Environmental, Aircraft, Banking, Real Estate, Underwriting, Agriculture
    • 24 hour turn-around time

Commercial Underwriting Inspection

  • Identification of roofing and building materials
  • Labeled photos
  • Identification of existing damages and construction issues
  • General condition and specialty component finding reports

Emergency Tarping

  • Fast response to damage
  • Before and after photos report
  • Prevent further interior loss
    • Stand alone or add-on service

High Value Residential Inspection

  • Identification of conditions and areas of concern
  • Determination of roofing system
  • Identification of specialty materials
  • Maintenance issues
  • Labeled photos and summary
  • SkyMeasure included

ITEL Services

  • Collect Material sample
  • Tarping included
  • ITEL app available
    • Stand alone or add-on service

Post Construction Inspection (QI)

  • Verification of work completion
  • Identification of installed materials
  • Inspection of proper installation